Viktor Kossakovsky

began his career in motion pictures at the Leningrad studio of Documentaries as an assistant cameraman, an assistant director, and editor in 1978. In many of his films, Kossakovsky plays the role of editor, cinematographer, writer, and director. The film "Tishe!" ("Hush!") was made from footage that Kossakovsky filmed outside his bedroom window in St. Petersburg.The film was a festival success in 2002. He graduated from the Higher Courses of Film Writers and Directors in Moscow in 1988.


Losev, 1989; One of These Days, 1991; The Belovs, 1992; Wednesday 07.19.61, 1997; Pavel i Lyala, 1999; I Loved You, 2000; Tishe! (Hush!), 2002; Russia from my Window, 2003; Svyato, 2005; Long Live the Antipodes!, 2011; ; DisplAir, 2012; Demonstration, 2013; Short Plays, 2014; Varicella, 2015.

Varicella (6+)

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, 2015, colour, 22 min.
Director: Viktor Kossakovsky
Thirteen-year-old Nastia and seven-year-old Polina are talented students of a prestigious academy of Russian ballet, where they were chosen out of 5500 applicants. Practicing 6 hours per day girls dream to become real soloists of Russian ballet stage. Viktor Kossakovsky tells a story of gentle and trusting relationship of two sisters, sharing one big dream.