Millenium Festival Special at IDFF Flahertiana

Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe

Vincent Coen was born in 1975. He graduated in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Ghent, studied experimental film at the Rits film school. Vincent participated in various international film festivals. He works and lives in Brussels.
Guillaume Vandenberghe was born in 1978. He studied photography at KASK Ghent and later graduated as a cinematographer at INSAS film school. Guillaume directed several experimental shorts. He is working with the concept of identity in a multicultural environment.


Cinema Inch'Allah!, 2012; Nothing is Forgiven, 2016.

Nothing is Forgiven (18+)

Belgium, 2016, colour, 62 min.
Director: Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe
The story of Zineb El Rhazoui, a young Moroccan woman who, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, finds her life radically transformed: from a censored journalist in Morocco she becomes the most protected woman of France.


Millenium Documentary Film Festival - Best Belgian Film.