Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Igor Grigoriev

a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, was born in 1944 in Yaroslavl, graduated from Russian State University of Cinematography (workshop of M. Roma), since 1972 worked at Central Studio for Documentary Film, since 1998 is an art director of Risk Film Studio.


(Selected Filmography) Master Vasiliy Bolshukhin, 1968; I Won’t Cry, 1969; Holidays of Revolution, 1970; Water, 1972; Torpedo Sports Club, 1972; Right to Trust, 1973; Innovators, 1974; Two People on Ice, 1974; A Duel, 1975; 30-year-olds, 1977; Olympic Games of 1980, 1981; Loyalty to the Earth, 1981; Thursday Bonfire, 1982; In the Main Direction, 1983; Eight Corners under One Roof, 1984; If You Want to be Unemployed, 1991; The Gospel of Satan, 1992; We Don’t Need Your Life, 1993; Men’s Job, 1996; A Dream, 1999; Every Year Comes the Spring, 2000; The Adventures of Joseph, the Shoemaker’s Son, 2002; Maximum Permissible Dose, 2005; Bullets for Petlyura, 2005; Kulaks of the 21st Century, 2006; Unbreakable Denisych, 2006; The Shield, 2007; Ilya Gutman. The Man of War and Peace, 2008; Partisans’ Children, 2011; The Clash of the Titans: Vatutin vs Manshtein, 2016.

Partisans’ Children (0+)

Russia, 2011, colour, 52 min.
Director: Igor Grigoriev
Is it possible for today’s high school students to survive the fate of teenagers abandoned in the forests during the World War II? There is almost no time left now to go with these passionate seniors through their memories, the battlefields, and campaigns, the forest stands and winter camps, German hospitals where they exchanged with German nurses the forest berries for medicines. Life seemed like an endless war where you are bound to die with your father and mother, all loved ones, friends, and commanders, die, but not give up. This film is about their life and our duty to them.