Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Olesya Buryachenko

was born in 1977 in Russia. She graduated from the Independent Cinematography & TV School in 2000 (Moscow, Russia). Olesya has created a number of documentaries. Her films have been commissioned and broadcasted by major Russian television channels and have participated in numerous national and international festivals.


We Are from the Forge, 2002; A Present for the Northen Capital, 2003; At the Crossroads, 2004; Dancing in the Fetters, 2005; Reconstruction – Restoration, 2006; Nikita Bogoslovsky. Under the Joker’s Mask, 2007; NewMoscow, 2007; My Sweet and Tender Animal. Emil Lotyanu, 2008; Dogs, 2009; Fazil and Antonina, 2010; After Bach, 2010; The Brethren, 2011; John Cage Lived at 6th Avenue and 18th Street, 2012; So Close, 2015.

After Bach (18+)

Russia, 2010, colour, 52 min.
Director: Olesya Buryachenko
Our film is about people who are already acknowledged in the world musical culture, those of our contemporaries who are called “Our new composers» among musicians. Vladimir Martynov, Sergey Zagniy, Anton Batagov and Pavel Karmanov, despite their creative difference and the difference in their views, are close and could even be called friends. Four completely different men who, nevertheless, are called by critics (and consider themselves) «composers of one blood». Our heroes are very talented and very controversial individuals. Each of them is experiencing the turning point in their life at present. The film does not only show the life of bright creative people and creates the atmosphere filled with their music but also raises a number of questions about the possibility of the cooperation and co-creation of composers in terms of modern art. This is the vivid portrait of four completely different people creating beautiful music in modern Moscow and united by something invisible.


International Orthodox Film Festival “Golden Knight” (Russia, 2011) – Diploma «For the Return of Intellectual Cinema»; International Film Festival ArtoDocs (Russia, 2012) – Grand-Prix.