Georgi Lazarevski

graduated from National Film School Louis Lumière in Paris in 1989. He works as a freelance photographer, especially involved in humanitarian organisations.


Voyage in G Major, 2006; This Way Up, 2007; Zona Franca, 2016.
Award for Original Artistic Solution – “Silver Nanook”

Zona Franca (12+)

Chile, France, 2016, colour, 100 min.
Director: Georgi Lazarevski
Zona Franca is a large shopping district at the heart of the Chilean province. Everywhere this area shows the scars of the upheaval which transformed the last wild place of the original America into a window display of today’s commercial society. They are two – a gold prospector and a truck driver – who try resist the social change. Georgi Lazarevski demonstrates what can’t be found in the tour brochures: a violence deeply rooted in this place which only comes to light when a strike paralyses the region.