Svetlana Bychenko

was born in Krasnoyarsk Krai. She graduated from the Ural State University. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation.


Method of Subtraction or Your Classmate, 1996; Metamorphoses, 1997; Memoirs of the First-Former, 1999; Polina, 1999; Runaway of Elephants from Russia, 2000; The Return, 2001; Awaiting Heaven, 2002; Sending Hello, 2002; Accordionist, 2003; Wife of the Healer, 2004; My Crows, 2005; Very Personal, 2005; Your Crows, 2005; Islands. Varlam Shalamov, 2006; On the Way to Lavr, 2006; Patsany (Boys), 2007; The Journey of the White Elephant to the White Tsar, 2007; Country of Birds, 2013; Wood Grouse Gardens, 2014; The Hermits of the River Pra, 2015; Blackcock Theater, 2015; The Swans of Pskov, 2016; Goatsucker’s Solitude, 2016; Merry Wheatears, 2016; Summer with a Wryneck, 2016.

Kuvayev's Territory (16+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 97 min.
Director: Svetlana Bychenko
This documentary is based on a highly praised novel "Territory" by Oleg Kuvayev, a writer with the geological background. It celebrates the pioneers of gold mining in Chukotka and Kolyma. This film-study allows the author to understand the shift in geology after Kuvayev as well as the change in the Territory itself…


Diploma of the Festival of Documentary Films, Television and Radio Programs in the Field of Travel and Tourism "Russian Traveller".