Anna Dranitsyna

was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg. Right after school she entered the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television and graduated as a straight-A student from the Faculty of Television directing. She worked on the "5th Channel” as a Director Assistant, as a reporter on the “6th Channel", in "Details" program on the "STS Channel". In 1998 she was producing educational programs, worked as a reporter and photographer in printed media. Nowadays she continues this line of work but also teaches in St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television. Since 2003 Anna works in non-fiction cinema as well.


The City of Angels, 2003; The X-Ray Girl, 2005; The User, 2005; The Game Is Over, 2006; Day Six, 2007; When I Win a Million, 2008; 500 days, 500 nights, 2009; The Time Capsule, 2010; The Hair, 2012; The Passenger traffic, 2014; The Galaxy, 2015; The Bridge, 2016.

The Bridge (6+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 41 min.
Director: Anna Dranitsyna
Two main characters of the film are two sisters, who are both more than 90 years old and who live on two different banks of the Black Sea – one in Taman and another in Crimea. They dream only of meeting each other and talking for the last time. But for that, they have to pass a long distance, as the bridge is not constructed yet and the sea separates them. Shortly before the Victory day (May, 9th) the elder sister is starting her trip…