Robert Gardner

was the Director of the Film Study Center at Harvard University from 1957 to 1997. He is known for his work in the field of non-fiction film. He was an internationally renowned filmmaker and author whose works have entered the permanent canon of non-fiction filmmaking.


(Selected Filmography) Blunden Harbour, 1951; Mark Tobey, 1952; Dead Birds, 1964; The Great Sail, 1966; The Nuer, 1971; Mark Tobey Abroad, 1973; Rivers of Sand, 1974; Altar of Fire, 1976; Deep Hearts, 1981; Sons of Shiva, 1985; Forest of Bliss, 1986; Ika Hands, 1988; Dancing With Miklos, 1993; Passenger, 1997; Testigos, 1997; Scully In Malaga, 1998; Good To Pull (Bon a Tirer), 2000; Dead Birds Re-encountered, 2013.

Blunden Harbour (0+)

USA, 1951, b/w, 22 min.
Director: Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner, then a graduate student of Anthropology at the University of Washington in Seattle, went to Blunden Harbour to research a major film project on the Kwakiutl about whom Ruth Benedict had written so eloquently. The larger work was never done and this small film remains one of the few authentic accounts of this once majestic people.