Pavel Petchenkin

was born in 1956. From 1985 he was assistant director at «Permtelefilm». In 1987 he founded one of the first independent film studios in USSR – Novyi Kurs (New Course). He has made over 40 films as a director and producer. Petchekin has been awarded multiple international film festivals’ prizes. He is the President of IDFF Flahertiana, member of Russian Filmmakers Union, member of Russian Film Academy.


(Selected Filmography) Thirst, 1989; Favourite, 1991; Satan’s Ashes, 1992; Makariev’s Day, 1992; About Olya in Captivity, 1993; Man Who Put Idea In, 1993; Story of Tyurin, artist and victim, 1994; Winner, 1995; Game, 1997; Pictures from the provincial comic’s life, 1997; Katz the Volunteer and all the others, 2000; Vacation, 2004; Alien Children, 2005; Dancing Lesson, 2007; Excursion, 2008; Perm/PERMM, 2010; Days of Red Angels, 2012; Varlam Shalamov. Experience of a Youth, 2014.

Satan’s Ashes (16+)

Russia, 1991, colour, 30 min.
Director: Pavel Petchenkin
The country that for seventy years lived behind the barbed wire fences has its own legends and its own heroes whose main deeds were to break the laws. One of the film’s characters – Oleg Zhuravlev – was first imprisoned at the age of 16, and since 17 with a sincerity proper only to a youth, admires the criminal “laws” and tells us how to his mind the life in prison has to be organized, because – there’s no law – and there cannot be a law – but in prison...