Premiere in Perm. Films by Boris Karadzhev

Boris Karadzhev

was born in Perm. He graduated from Perm State University and VGIK. He started his professional carrier at Perm television studio. During many years he collabprated as an author and director with various Film Studios and TV companies, took part in creation of over 60 films, as well as in a number of international projects. Between 2001-2006 he was the editor-in-chief of Russian Central Studio of Documentary Films (RCSDF). From 2002 he is a teacher at the documentary film directing class at VGIK.


Selected filmography: «Skvorets» (The Starling), 2001; «The Courier of Words», 2002; «General’s captivity», 2002; «Maya Plisetskaya», 2003; «The Last Jew», 2003; «Let There Be Light!», 2003; «By The Walls Of «Moscow», 2004; «All our life is Sots Art», 2004; «The Banks of Rhine», 2005; «New Year Will Come Soon», 2006; «Unnatural Selection», 2006; «We Shall Build Our New Myth…», 2007; «Современники», 2007; «Composing Space», 2008; «Hubert in The Wonderland», 2009; «Modifiers of Time and Place», 2010; «On the Alleys of Central Park», 2011; «Evakuatsionnyy roman» (Evacuation romance), 2011; «Menu of 1945», 2012; «Writer «P». A Trial of Identification», 2013; «The Vicissitudes of Translation», 2014; «Throught the haze…», 2014.

The Vicissitudes of Translation (18+)

Russia, 2014, colour, 41 min.
Director: Boris Karadzhev
Our protagonist Viktor Petrovich Golyshev is a born translator. He translated and brought within the reach of Russian readers such masterpieces of Enlgish literature as George Orwell’s «1984» and William Faulkner’s «Light in August», Ken Kesey’s «One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest» and Robert Penn Warren’s «All The King’s Men»… Nevertheless, Viktor Petrovich regards his profession matter-of-factly. And for sure he doesn’t think of his life to be cinematic…