Vadim Vorontsov

is a journalist, screenwriter, producer. Participant of the pitching at the ArtDocFest festival in 2015 (with the film “Strong Beat”), participant of the EurasiaDOC screenwriting workshops in Krasnoyarsk (2016) and in Novosibirsk (2018). Founder of the production center Documenator and video studio Sibweek.


Mongolian Sketch, 2015; Strong Beat, 2018.


Russia, 2018, colour, 30 min.
Director: Vadim Vorontsov
At the center of the story – a 12-year-old boy Fedya and his mother. In early childhood, Fedya suffered from severe meningitis and lost his hearing. But his mom was always there – seems that she’s able to carry the whole world on her shoulders and keep all the love of this world in her heart. A special role in the life of this family is given to the music teacher Aleksei Borozdin – thanks to his classes the deaf boy started talking and made it to study in a gymnasium.
International Premiere