Valeriy Solomin

was born in 1938. He graduated from operator’s department of VGIK (the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography). As an operator, scriptwriter and director he has made over 50 documentary films. Award winner of various Russian and international film festivals. His film «The Fisherman and the Dancer» was nominated for the Best European Documentary 2005 by the European Film Academy. Valeriy Solomin is an Honoured art worker of Russia, member of European Film Academy and Russian Film Academy «Nika» and «Golden Eagle». Died on the 9th of June of 2017.


Selected Filmography: Aluminum, 1967; Who Has Tastier Bread, 1980; Gypsy Shore, 1981; Her Lake, 1982; The Art of All Time, 1987; The Days of Future Buddhas, 1992; The Fisherman and the Dancer, 2005; Soul’s Condition, 2010; Abramov and His Children, 2011; Pinery, 2012; Prelude to Fame, 2013; Father and Sons from Krotovo, 2018.

Evgeny Solomin

was born in 1972 in Kaluga. He graduated from the Department of Russian Language and Literature of Novosibirsk University (1995), Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors (1998, non-fiction film directing). Screenwriter, director, producer of documentaries that were shown at more than 100 film festivals in 35 countries around the world. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. Director of the film studio "Kino-Siberia". He lives and works in Novosibirsk.


2 ½ Weeks in Paradise”, 1997; Katorga, 2001; Outskirts 35x45, 2009; Father and Sons from Krotovo, 2018.


Russia, 2018, colour, 56 min.
Directors: Valeriy Solomin, Evgeny Solomin
Siberia. The sparsely populated village of Krotovo. The farmer Vasily Abramov lives in the village completely alone, since in 2005 his sons were convicted of murder. The film has been shot for 10 years, this is the last film of the classic of Russian documentary cinema Valeriy Solomin. The film was finished by his sons Evgeny and Viktor.


Open Documentary Film Festival “Russia” (Russia, 2018) – Main Prize and grant from the National Foundation for the Support of Copyright Holders, Audience Award, Gurevich Prize “For the Original Dramatic Decision”; Open Documentary Film Festival “Siberia” (Russia, 2018) – Audience Award; International Festival of Tourist and TV Programs “Date with Russia” (Russia, 2018) – Main Prize in the Nomination “Frescoes of the North”.