Irina Zaytseva

graduated from Cinematography Department of VGIK (workshop of V. Yusov and А. Temerin) in 1983. She debuted as a director of photography at Belarusfilm Studio. Since 2007 she has worked a director at “ARKHIPELAG” Film Studio. Irina is a head of Krasnoyarsk regional office of Filmakers Union of Russia since 2008.


“The Yukte Spring”, 1989; “Settlements For Life”, 1991; “Brothers”», 1993; “Martyrs and Confessors”, 1994; “I Dropped Bitter Tears Dreaming”, 1996; “The Crossroads”, 2002; «Once Upon a Time There Lived the Old», 2003; «Girl Was Singing in Choir», 2004; “Ballad about Old Laundry”, 2007; “Cop in the Open Field”, 2005; “Sharipov Case”, 2008; “Yury Khudonogov”, 2009; “Boris
Ryauzov”, 2010; “Punishment Without Crime”, 2011.

Punishment Without Crime (0+)

Russia, 2011, colour, 79 min.
Director: Irina Zaytseva
The film takes us to the special psycho-neurological boarding school for abandoned children in Tinsk (Krasnodarsky krai). It shows how these children got here, their rehabilitation and finally their departure.