Natalia Isakova

graduated from the Ural State University named after Gorky, the Department of Journalism (Ekaterinburg) and Filmmaking Courses at the Higher School of Journalism (workshop of Marina Razbezhkina). At present Natalia is a director and producer of Zhest Studio (Trekhgorny, Tchelyabinskaya region).


“As Usual”, 2008; “Space Of Volodya Torovin Or A Hectare of Self-Sufficiency”, 2009.

Space Of Volodya Torovin Or A Hectare of Self-Sufficiency (0+)

Russia, 2009, colour, 49 min.
Director: Natalia Isakova
Children, house, cedar nut garden, private airplane and “family happiness with a stewed fruit jar” – these are the components of “space” that Volodya Torovin, a metalworker, tries to create for himself and his relatives. It seems that everything goes according to a plan! The children are growing up (his own and adopted), the house is built, the airplane is being constructed, and the future “cedar nut garden” is clustered at windowsills of the “patrimonial lands”… The main thing that is missing for absolute happiness is one hectare of land…


Award of “Novaya Gazeta”, International Stalker Festival, 2009.