Sergei Zinoviev

graduated from the LGU, faculty of journalism, worked at the KGTRK “Vyatka” as an editor in the youth editorial office, as a director of the creative union “Granitsa”. Since 1995 he has been working as a creative director at the Channel “Grand TV”. He got the prizes of “Euroasian Teleforum”, TV festivals “Ural-TV-2000”, “Culture on TV”, “Gold George”, 2001 (Kiev), “Gold Bouben”, 2001 (Khanti-Mansiysk).


“The Snow Was Falling Slowly”, 1992; “The Ural Republic. 93”, “Border”, 1993; “Man-Оrgan”, 1995; “Transformations”, 1996; “City On the Vyatka”, 1999; “That’s the Way Hardened Steel”, “Non-personal File of Captain Khodirev”, 2000; “Forge of the Champions”, 2001; “Sadyk”, 2002; “Let’s Start”, 2005.

About Mitya and Mosja (0+)

Russia, 2005, colour, 12 min.
Director: Sergei Zinoviev
It’s a romantic story about a boy and a dog like “Little Prince” by A. de Saint- Exupréy, but absolutely true and earthlike.


Gold sign of the winner of “Cultura v efire”.