Arkady Kogan

Training: the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin (1982), VGIK, workshop of T. Semionov (1992). Currently lives in Moscow.


“Vera Erdeni or the Treasures of Isinga”, “I am Afraid”, 1991; “Evgraf”, 1992; “The Drug Called the ‘White Chinese”, 1995; “Michael Zhvanetsky: To Live Long And Die Young”, 1996; “A Trip to Malin”, 1997; “The Smile of Knyazhinsky”, 1997; “The Death of Deputy Sorochkin”, 1998; “The David’s Star”, 1998; “Birthday”, 2000; “The Place”, 2001.

Good Morning, Vietnam! (0+)

Russia, 2003, colour, 26 min.
Director: Arkady Kogan
Love of Russian girl Albina and Vietnamese worker Hay has overcome hostility of the girl’s family and the tragic ordeal following Hay’s injury at work, when Albina had to nurse him all the way back to health. When Hay had to leave, she followed him to Vietnam with their six-year-old daughter. There in Vietnam, life becomes the most serious test of all…


Award of The Eurasian TV Forum (2003); “Silver Horseshoe” of Festival “Lubit po-russki/The Russian way of love” (Moscow, 2004).