Janina Lapinskaite

born in 1953, graduated from the Lithuanian Conservatory and a film directors department (1975). A film director at the Lithuanian Television. Currently lives in Vilnius.


That’s My Destiny, The Episode From Ants’ Life (1994), The Episode From Elfs’ Life (1996), Vinus With a Cat (1997), The Episode from Lambs’ Life (1999), The Act (2000).
The award of the Press

Life of Venecius And Death Of Caesar (0+)

Lithuania, 2002, colour, 55 min.
Director: Janina Lapinskaite
The hero of film Venecius left by his wife raises Caesar the pig. But when it comes time to slaughter it, Venecius's hand can not rise: so he "has sticked" to a pig by the lonely heart.