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Grand Prix of Flahertiana-2016 Goes to A Family Affair

“Flahertiana 2016” was completed with the Award Ceremony and the Grand Prix winning film screening. The International Jury headed by a director Doug Block awarded the “Big Golden Nanook” and money prize of 250 thousand rubles to Tom Fassaert (Netherlands) for the film “A Family Affair”.

For Original Artistic Solution “Silver Nanook” was given to the Russian film “24 Snow” by Mikhail Barynin.

Award for Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes, “Silver Nanook”, was awarded to the film Sonita” (director Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami; production of Germany, Switzerland, Iran). Directors of both films got 75 thousand rubles. 

Diploma of “Special Jury Mention” were awarded to Karen Guthrie (“The Closer We Get”, UK) and Ido Haar (“Presenting Princess Shaw”, Israel).

Audience award also went to Mikhail Barynin (“24 Snow”, Russia).

National Competition Jury Award for the best film of «Russian Flahertiana» program — «Small Golden Nanook» and money prize of 25 thousand rubles – went to Denis Shabaev (“Not My Job”). Diploma of “Special Jury Mention” was awarded to Veronika Solovieva («From Another Life») for Scenic Beauty, Pavel Medvedev («Joseph`s Land») for Multilayered Film and Camera Work and Evgeniy Grigoriev (“Looking On The Other Bank”) for Urban Identity Building.

Festival Organizing Committee awarded Natalia Gugueva (“Overdrive. Return Point”) for Relevance and Accuracy Of Topic Development.

Student Film Competition Award and money prize of 20 thousand rubles went to Andrey Ananin (dilogy “American Dream” and “The Smoke Of The Fatherland”). Diploma of  “Special Jury Mention” were awarded to Olesya Yepishina (“Who Is A Fool Now?") for Director`s Intuition, Nozanin Abdulvasieva and Anastasia Sergeeva ("Soon At The First Channel") for Relevance, Darina Umnova (“Love For A Million”) for a Portrait of the Heroine of Our Time.

In the International Competition “Flahertiana 2016” a total of 15 films took part, 19 films in National Competition, 16 films in Student Competition. At a rough estimate, the festival was visited  by 13000 viewers and this number will increase when a statistic of the last day including The Closing Ceremony will be taken into account.